“After a big weight loss (80+ lbs) I’ve still been having trouble losing mass in my lower waist and I have lots of loose skin, especially in my front abdomen.  After just a few sessions with Charity, I’ve lost 1.5 inches in my waist, my skin is tightening, I’m starting to physically see the change and I’m very happy with my results.”

-Nicole Lilley (massage therapist)


“After my second treatment of Body Slimming, I noticed significant changes in the back of my thighs and the skin is tightening as well!”

-Kelly G. (business owner)


“I have been working out and eating clean for a few months but I have not lost many inches in my waist line.  I gave Charity a try with the body slimming on my stomach and I lost 1 inch immediately!  I have a few more appointments in my books to work on my back and love handles. “

 -Chris (military)