Body Slimming & Tightening

Our Advanced Body Slim makes quick work of stubborn fat. People lose inches in a session and keep it off. Want to see for yourself? Check out our videos below of this non-invasive procedure.






“I’m so excited to see results right away! Thank you!!! See you soon!” -Kim Banko


“I was skeptical at first about how the body slimming would work for me, but I’m so glad I gave it a try. Only two sessions in and I’ve lost about an inch with immediate results following each session! Charity makes sure you’re in an extremely comfortable environment and helps you track your progress, I would definitely recommend this to anyone that’s curious” – Kayla Popovich


“After a lengthy injury recovery period, I was struggling to evenly eliminate fat stores from my abdomen.  Diet and improvised exercise led to a plateau I couldn’t seem to ascend from.  Radio Frequency application from Advanced Body & Laser Center proved the right tool and procedure to help progress past the plateau.  The first session resulted in a one inch differential, followed by another half inch in the days to follow.  My energy levels are up; my progress is back on track; and I’ve had zero side effects.”  -Firefighter, Chris