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Mind. Body. Spirit.

We're redefining the medspa experience!

Welcome to Tranqulity, Relaxation and Refinement.

Spa. Refine. Repeat.

We've created a space that redefines the medspa experience with tranquility, relaxation, and refinement. In our wellness center, energy, beauty, and vitality meet.
Come for the relaxation and leave energized and confident. The treatments we offer will refresh your mind, body, and spirit.
We're here to welcome you with personalized plans that can meet all your mind, body, and spirit needs with our rejuvenating services. Come experience the Advanced Body & Laser Center spa.
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Relaxation Massages

Treat yourself to most relaxing hour of your life.

Therapeutic Massages

A wide range of massages from classic to the Thai royal.

Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis

Full body variety laser hair removal therapies.

Teeth Whitening

Try our teeth whitening from almost any shade back to white..

Head Massage & Migraine Treatments

Exerience our Cranio-Sacral Therapy massages.

IV Hydration & Vitamins

Relax and focus on yourself and your wellness with our IV Hydration and Vitamins.

Scar Tissue Treatments

Let us help with scar removals using our 4-treatment regimen.

Red Light Therapy

Red light help reduce cosmetic skin issues like stretch marks and wrinkles.

Permanent Makeup

Cosmetic tattoos that help you recreate your favorite makeup looks.


Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction.

Dermal Fillers

Botox and Fillers, ask about group Filler parties.

Non Injectable Filler

A needle-free filler uses pressure instead of a needle to inject the filler.

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Meet the Advanced Body & Laser Center Team


Owner | Laser Therapist

ABLC - staff
Dhaliah, ANP

Adult Nurse Practitioner | Botox & Fillers

Linda, MS, ANP-BC

ANP - Functional - Holistic Medicine | Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Sarah, LHMC

Licensed Psychologist | Health Therapy | Cranial Therapy CST

Lauren L.

Laser Technician

Carly Z.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Self-care is necessary care!

Feeling Sore or Stressed?

Schedule a relaxing massage or therapy.

We offer a variety of masseuse services to suit your individual body care needs. Our masseuse therapists use only the finest body treatments based on trace minerals, essential oils, and plant extracts. Every massage includes a body analysis, deep pore cleansing, gentle toxin release, customized pressure and duration of treatments.

Head Massage & Migraine Treatment

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle hands-on technique that uses a light touch to examine membranes and movement of the fluids in and around the central nervous system. Relieving tension in the central nervous system promotes a feeling of well-being by eliminating pain and boosting health and immunity.

Relaxation Massage
60 -90 minutes of a smooth, gentle treatment that relieves muscular tension, increases circulation, and promotes a general sense of relaxation.

60 minutes ($80)

90 minutes ($100)
Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is a type of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practice that is often used to treat muscle pain, injury, and stiffness. Massage therapy has also been used for the treatment of mental and emotional problems, including stress, anxiety, and depression.

45 minutes ($60)
60 minutes ($80)
90 minutes ($120)